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Learning a New Language - Family Sponsorship Program (the beginning of something new)

The beginning of something new. Our sponsorship program was launched in December, 2016. We're off to a great start with gaining 4 monthly sponsors for our families. I'm personally committed to fill in the gap until we reach 100% sponsorship.

The month of January was filled with preparation for our families to get started in their English classes. Blanca took the initiative to contact the school and get them to give us a great discount. This in itself was a great help because our initial budget was much lower than the actual cost of the school.

Everyone got signed up for school and they officially started this past Saturday, February 25th.

All the families are filled with a lot of excitement and nervousness too. This is such a wonderful opportunity for each of them on so many different levels. It gives each of them hope for their futures right there in Sambo Creek and Honduras in general. Without the support of our sponsors this would not be the beginning of something new. We look forward to sharing the progression of this project as it's laid out. Our families have promised to share stories and pictures with you, our sponsors as this new step in their lives transforms.

Patrick, enjoying his morning snack with his mom Seelza as they wait for the class to begin.

Victoria and her sister Jessnia sending selfies before class.

A quick conversation with Seelza after class.

I asked her how was school.

She said "It was very nice" "We have homework"

I said "that will give everyone a chance to study together"

and she said "Yes"

Once again. Thank you to our current sponsors and pray for us to get this program to 100% funded.

We'll post more updates and pictures as our families share them with us!

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