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Crab Trapping with friends

Facebook Post Dated July 5, 2015

(My friends Patrick, Victoria, Victor and Jesus, were at the river catching crabs. I soon learned they were helping this brother and sister so they could have food to eat. Then the children shared that some days they go without any food. Then my friend Patrick let me know they didn't have clothes either. Seeing my young friends care for others, gave me great joy, we brought then to the store to pick out a few things. I've never seen a young child so happy. These are the things that melt my heart when I'm here.)

I will never forget this day. None of these children have much. Yet, the ones with a little more than the others want to help make sure their friends can help provide for their family. It is not uncommon to see children at 7,8,10 years of age out fishing, gathering fruit or even catching crabs to make sure their family will eat that day. They don't complain if all they eat is a crab, mango or more than likely a plain tortilla is all they get, they're just happy to eat something!

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