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No Public Assistance, No Medical aid, exposed to the medical side of living in poverty.

HELP WANTED - I have just learned that my little Valerie fell and quite possibly broke her arm this evening. Her mother Gladis is the leader of our Sewing Group/School program in Honduras. We really need to collect $100 by morning so Gladis can get Valerie to the city to see a doctor and get an xray and possibly casted up! ANY NIGHT OWLS out there want to help make this happen????? PLE ASE - my heart is breaking! </3

(Facebook Post 01/31/2014)

Sometime in February of 2014 I received another message that another young boy broke his leg and the family needed a few hundred dollars to him to the hospital for medical attention. Can you imagine being a parent of a child receiving such an injury and have no means to help?

You see, in Honduras, there is no public assistance, there is no medical aid, there is no insurance. For the most part if you need a Doctor, you pay upfront for services or don't get seen!

My return to Sambo Creek in March of 2014.

I got to witness the aftermath of this limited care. I get to see Jose in his soiled cast due to lack of follow-up care. I learned it was his femur bone that was broken, close to his hip and for that reason the Doctors put him in a double cast to limit his movements during the healing of the bone. I learn there was no follow up care, no more xrays, only the initial set. No return visits to ensure proper healing of the bone and in the end if the family did not come up with $50, the Doctor would not remove the cast.

My previous trip in November of 2013, I got to see first hand a third world hospital experience with another young woman who gave birth prematurely to a baby whom died after delivery. I learned she never got to hold her baby. He was whisked away as soon as he was born and she sat in this filthy postpartum recovery ward where women laid around in their own soiled sheets while caring for their newborns, for an entire day before learning her baby died. At that point, with no aftercare whatsoever, she was told to leave the hospital with never one glimpse at this baby she had carried for 5 months. Since that initial medical experience I was shown two more emergency situations with children I had grown very close too. Both needing medical help and of course both these families reached out to me because in their eyes I had so much and I could help them get help. They knew God would help them through me and of course in both those situations I reached out to my friends and found the few dollars needed to help. But this is only two of hundreds of children God has put in front of me in Honduras. The following two years I would receive many messages and requests for help from various families and always, always do what I could, if I could. Unfortunately, there are more times I can't do anything except pray. There are so many requests for help and it's only me. I've prayed and prayed for God to show me how I can do more. Now I'm here, revisiting these stories I've been a part of for more than three years now and I hope and pray that this new direction and focus gives more hope and opportunities to this group of people God placed in my life for a reason.

Please God, show me the way. These beautiful children with wonderful families need Fingerprints of Hope. They need more than I can ever give alone. They need God.

Good news is, even with Jose's broken leg and down spirits due to his situation... he stills enjoys making his music.


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