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Family Sponsorship Opportunities

One person can't help everyone, But everyone can help someone.

Our Sponsorship program is designed to help children and families living in the poorest of conditions.

Each child or family chosen are personally known and selected by our organization.

100% of money received will go directly to the family/child that is sponsored.

Making sure they have food is our number one concern. But it is also our wish to help provide

additional education opportunities for these children and a family member which could be, but not limited to English classes.

These educational opportunities will help these children in their futures with more employment opportunities.

Family Sponsorship's
We want to take our sponsorship program to a different level. Thanks to social media and the internet, we will give our sponsors the opportunity to grow relationships with the families they sponsor. No more "letters in the mail" - a true face to face opportunity to become a part of the lives of the people they help. 

God has graced us with many new friends and families in Honduras. However, no matter how much we want to help them all, it's more than any one person can handle on their own. Knowing children and families go to bed without food is one thing. Knowing them personally is another.

Please consider becoming a sponsor today. A little goes a long way in Honduras!

The Casildo Family

Alex is an integral part of Fingerprints of Hope. It is his dreams that named and founded our organization.

His discipline led him into the public schools of Sambo Creek Honduras to share the word and Love of Jesus Christ. 

However, due to changes in a previous ministry, Alex no longer has the financial support needed to continue this ministry. We can not let the devil destroy what God began and for this reason we are seeking the favor of one or many to help support him and his family. 

Anyone interested in helping us achieve this goal please contact us for all details.

Victoria & Jessnia (Sister/Sister)

Victoria is 13, Jessnia 17. Jessnia just received her degree in Hotel & Hospitality. The opportunity to learn English would more than triple her chances to get a job. Tourism is one of the bigger business opportunities in Honduras. Victoria is 13 going into her 2nd year of High School. 9th grade is the highest level of regular education in Honduras.
Their mom is a single parent who was presented a sewing machine by us last year. She made big sacrifices to take sewing classes over this past year and sometimes went without eating so she could take those classes. She is now currently sewing curtains, bed sheets and pillows to help provide the most basic needs for her 3 daughters.

Monica and Blanca (Mother/Daughter)

Blanca is a single mother who is currently working with a sewing program that is making school uniforms and has also worked in the restaurant industry. Monica is 16 and graduated this year from High School. She is already blessed with a sponsor for her English classes but is very much hoping someone will sponsor her mom so they can begin learning English together. It is Monica's dream to come to the states legally to get a better education some day.

Seelza & Patrick (Mother/Son)

Seelza is a single mother raising her 15 year old son Patrick. Patrick is in the 8th grade. Seelza has done a really good job with Patrick. He is very well mannered with a huge heart. When Patrick graduates next year he wants to work on commercial fishing boats. Seelza is always looking for small jobs to feed herself and him. She has also worked in different restaurants. 

An English education for them would definitely open up more job opportunities. 

‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me"  Matthew 25:45

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

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